Days for Girls Saskatoon and Rotary club of Saskatoon North team up to sew and distribute face masks
A team of 18 dynamic and committed volunteers started making washable, reusable cloth face masks in late March.  Production increased throughout April and tailed off now.  Orders cam in readily from individuals and businesses at $5/mask and upon contact many Saskatoon organizations received FREE face masks upon request.  Approx. 4000 face masks were made; 1000 of them being given to such organizations as EGADZ, Salvation Army, Interval House, Crisis Nursery, AIDS Saskatoon, AIDS Network and Food Bank.  200 masks are also being sent up to La Loche SK this week.  All of this activity made April march by very quickly as we all had a purpose and could see a way to make a difference in our own community.
Brenda Banbury
Days for Girls
Saskatoon South Chapter Leader